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Vocal Methods & Techniques


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  1. Herbert-Caesari 50 Vocalises
    These vocalises were specially devised to exercise the vocal muscles and build up strength, stamina, and flexibility Learn More
  2. Vaccai Metodo Pratico Di Canto Mezzo-Soprano Baritone Book/CD
    Vaccaj's practical vocal method for mezzo-soprano or baritone in 15 lessons Learn More
  3. Singing for the Stars Book/CDs
    You can learn to sing like the pros with this complete program for training the voice Learn More
  4. The Novello Guide to Sight-Singing Book/Video
    This is the indispensable guide to learning how to sight-read choral music Learn More
  5. Vocalize Book/CD
    Organized in 11 focused categories, the purpose of every warm-up is evident, and clearly-stated directions optimize growth. Supportive piano accompaniments, including progressive modulations, are lightly-orchestrated on the enclosed recording. Learn More
  6. Vocal Warm-Ups Pro Vocal Book/Audio
    The exercises begin with broad, large-muscle relaxation techniques and breathing work, and move on to a gradual, relaxed warm-up of your voice and strengthening of your vocal skills. Learn More
  7. Teaching the Child Singer
    This reference book explores the physical differences in children's sound production, a Five-Step System for child vocal technique, lesson structure in both solo and group settings, and more Learn More
  8. Violin Star Theory
    Packed full of engaging exercises and games, this book can be used alongside any beginner violin tutor to help develop a student’s understanding of musical notation. Learn More
  9. Absolute Beginners Voice Book/CDs
    Suitable for both male and female beginners, this step-by-step guide takes you through the basics, from how to stand and breathe correctly, to singing your first song. Learn More

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