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Violin or Fiddle Methods & Techniques


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  1. Improve Your Sight-Reading Violin Grade 6 Book/Audio
    This workbook is designed to help overcome the nerves that can cause sight-reading problems by giving sound technical advice and confidence boosting tips. Learn More
  2. Improve Your Sight-Reading Violin Grade 3 Book/Audio
    New edition, devised to support the revised sight-reading criteria from the ABRSM from 2012. Learn More
  3. Old-Time Fiddle for the Complete Ignoramus Book/CD
    Wayne takes you through every step of adjusting, tuning, holding and playing the fiddle. The tunes are written out in Wayne's unique and easy tab system an also in standard notation. Learn More
  4. Play Violin Today! Level 1 & 2 Book/Audio/Video
    This ultimate self-teaching method is designed to offer quality instruction, terrific songs, and much more! Learn More
  5. Joining The Dots for Violin Grade 1
    Joining the Dots ABRSM Grade 1 offers violinists lots of material to help build confidence and skill in sight-reading Learn More
  6. Superstudies for Violin Book 2
    This collection of twelve original, imaginative studies for solo violin continues the technical progression of Superstudies Book 1 Learn More
  7. Suzuki Tonalization Violin
    Dr. Suzuki questioned why all vocalists vocalize every day to improve their voices, but instrumentalists do not do so every day with their instruments. He believes that on any instrument, one needs to practice to make a more beautiful tone. Learn More
  8. Getting Into Blues Violin Book/Audio
    This book offers a comprehensive workshop in blues violin and specifically addresses improvisation techniques through exercises and ear training studies that relate to the various licks and scales. Learn More
  9. Rockin' Strings Violin Book/Audio
    Here is the chance to enter the new world of playing today's music while learning to express your own music through improvisation Learn More

Items 1-9 of 76

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