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Ukulele Music Books


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  1. Early Music Gems Ukulele Picking Tunes Book
    This book presents 34 delightful Early Music melodies arranged for solo ukulele in gCEA tuning in both TAB and music notation Learn More
  2. Pocketbook Deluxe Series Uke Tune Book
    A comprehensive 96-page, pocket/case sized perfect-bound ukulele tune book with over 50 tunes Learn More
  3. Jumpin Jim's Ukulele Island
    A fun and refreshing potion of 31 tropical songs arranged for uke. Chock full of sambas, calypsos, Hawaiian classics and exotic tiki tunes, Ukulele Island is a vacation in a book Learn More
  4. The Romantic Ukulele Book/Audio
    The Romantic Ukulele is a collection of 22 beloved pieces from the Romantic Era arranged for the ukulele by classical uke player, Tony Mizen Learn More
  5. Chart Hits of 2018-2019 Ukulele Book
    20 massive hits from 2018-2019, specially arranged for ukulele. Learn More
  6. Carpenters for Ukulele Book
    20 Carpenters classics to strum & sing on the uke, with melody line, lyrics and chord diagrams for standard G-C-E-A tuning Learn More
  7. Adele 25 Ukulele Book
    This matching folio contains all 11 songs from Adele's hit 2015 album in Ukulele arrangements with chord frames. Learn More
  8. Jason Mraz Ukulele Book
    This volume featuring the music of contemporary pop icon Jason Mraz includes 39 songs Learn More
  9. Rock Classics Ukulele Book
    Classic Rock Guitar is designed for your total enjoyment. Each song's arrangement includes the guitar parts played on the original recording arranged for ukulele, simplified just enough to keep it fun and musically satisfying Learn More

Items 1-9 of 70

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