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Ukulele Methods & Techniques


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  1. Ukulele Chord Chart Compact A5 Edition
    The Ukulele Chord Chart contains all the chords someone learning the ukulele would need, including major, minor, seventh, major seventh, and minor seventh chords in all twelve keys Learn More
  2. Uke Chords Pocketbook Deluxe Series Book
    A comprehensive 96-page, pocket/case sized perfect-bound chord dictionary Learn More
  3. Quickstart Fingerstyle Ukulele Book/CD
    Combining picking patterns, chord strumming & melody lines for interesting and fun arrangements, fingerstyle ukulele has become popular with indie artists Learn More
  4. How To Play the Ukulele Larry McCabe Book Only
    How To Play Ukulele by Larry McCabe, is a beginner’s guide to the soprano ukulele, C tuning Learn More
  5. You Can Teach Yourself Uke Ukulele Book/Video/Audio
    This book, and accompanying audio and video, are an easy and fun way to learn the uke. Based on C tuning, this text presents strum/sing-alongs in the keys of C, G, D, F, and B flat. Learn More
  6. Ukulele Quest Book/Audio
    Ukulele Quest is an ideal first ukulele book that teaches many musical styles, including rock, reggae and the blues. Learn More
  7. More Ukulele Magic 2 Teachers Book/CD
    Continue your musical journey on the ukulele with More Ukulele Magic: Tutor Book 2 – the fun and approachable method that children and teachers love. Learn More
  8. First 15 Lessons Ukulele Book/Video/Audio
    The First 15 Lessons series provides a step-by-step lesson plan for the absolute beginner, complete with audio tracks, video lessons, and real songs! Learn More
  9. Play Ukulele Today 1 Book/Audio
    Play Ukulele Today! is the ultimate self-teaching method designed to offer quality instruction, superb songs, and professional-quality audio with 61 full-demo tracks Learn More

Items 1-9 of 40

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