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  1. Mandolin Chords Pocketbook Deluxe Series Book
    A comprehensive 96-page, pocket/case sized perfect-bound book of chord dictionary for today's mandolin player Learn More
  2. Mandolin Music Pocketbook Book
    This useful booklet contains everything needed to get started on the mandolin: tuning, chords, how to read tablature, songs for strumming (with lyrics) and songs for melody playing Learn More
  3. You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin Book/Audio/Video
    You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin is written as a teach-yourself text with play-along examples and tunes on the companion recording. Learn More
  4. You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin By Ear Book/CD
    This book teaches the conceptual tools needed to become adept at playing the mandolin by ear. Provides keys to learning chord progressions and playing melody by ear as well as using licks and playing in different keys. Includes many tunes in tablature. Learn More
  5. Blazing Mandolin Solos Book/CD
    16 tunes in TAB complete with a play-along CD with three tracks for each tune (Lead, Harmony, and Lead & Harmony) Learn More
  6. First Jams Mandolin Book/CD
    All the books in this series are written in the same keys; they can all be played together without any problems. So get your friends or family who play guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, dulcimer or Dobro together, grab these books and start jamming Learn More
  7. Mandolin Picking Tunes Lyrical Gospel Solos Book/Audio
    Thirty-four well-loved gospel tunes especially arranged for intermediate and advanced mandolinists Learn More
  8. Mandolin Picking Tunes Christmas in British Isles Book/Audio
    Versatile mandolinist Tommy Norris presents this collection of 20 intermediate to advanced melody/chord arrangements of familiar and lesser-known Christmas melodies Learn More
  9. Fun With Strums Mandolin
    This beginner's book, designed as a follow-up to Fun with the Mandolin, aids the beginning mandolin player in playing strums applicable to folk and bluegrass music Learn More

Items 1-9 of 28

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