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  1. Mandolin Arpeggio Chart
    Arpeggio study encompasses essential elements of harmony and technique and is crucial for building a strong musical foundation on any instrument. Learn More
  2. Pocketbook Deluxe Series Mandolin Tune Book
    A comprehensive 96-page, pocket/case sized perfect-bound book of over 90 all time favorite Mandolin tunes Learn More
  3. Mandolin Chord Dictionary Mini Music Guides
    With over 1,100 unique chord fingerings for all 12 keys, Mandolin Chord Dictionary is the most useful compact chord dictionary available. Learn More
  4. O Brother Where Art Thou Mandolin
    Mandolin tab arrangements for 11 songs from the movie including You Are My Sunshine, I'll Fly Away, In The Jailhouse Now, I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow, Angel Band, Indian War Whoop, Down The River To Pray, and The Big Rock Candy Mountain Learn More
  5. Baroque Music for Mandolin Book/Audio
    A collection of 17th and 18th century music transcribed for solo mandolin with selections from Couperin, Handel, Baltzer, Biber, Reusner, Marais, Gallot, Rameau, Weiss, Torelli, Telemann, Pachelbel and Vivaldi; 25 in all. Learn More
  6. Complete Jethro Burns Mandolin Book/Audio
    Learn from the master of bluegrass mandolin - Jethro Burns. More than 70 tunes and two dozen exercises are found in this bluegrass bonanza. Learn More
  7. Pop Classics for Mandolin
    Strum, sing and pick along to 20 timeless hits arranged for the Mandolin. Pop Classics For Mandolin includes the songs Bad Moon Rising, Every Breath You Take, Happy Together, What a Wonderful World, You've Got a Friend and more. Learn More
  8. Mastering Mandolin Book/CD
    The conclusion of this method begins with warm-ups and exercises and then continues with 12 bar blues, chord melody playing, chord substitution, and much more Learn More
  9. Intermediate Mandolin Book/CD
    Great for mandolinists who have already learned the basics and are ready for the next step, including hammer-ons, pull-offs, tremolo, slides, cross picking, rolls, and much more Learn More

Items 1-9 of 28

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