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  1. Dulcimer Music Pocketbook Book
    This handy, pocket-sized book contains information on parts of the Dulcimer, left hand positions, tuning, picks, and instruction on how to play songs Learn More
  2. First Lessons Hammered Dulcimer Book/Audio
    First Lessons Hammered Dulcimer is designed to instruct beginning players on the instrument. Learn More
  3. Dulcimer Frolic
    This anthology contains 60 tunes arranged especially for novice to intermediate-level players of the 12/11 dulcimer, including suggestions for note reading, hammering patterns and embellishments Learn More
  4. With This Ring A Hammered Dulcimer Collection for Weddings
    Common wedding processionals such as 'Pachelbel's Canon' and Wagner's 'Bridal March' are included as well as common recessionals such as Clarke's 'Trumpet Voluntary' and Mendelsson's 'Wedding March.' Learn More
  5. 'Tis The Season Hammered Dulcimer Collection
    Tis the Season is accessible to all levels of players, including both a beginning 'melody-only' version and an intermediate arranged version for each song Learn More
  6. Old-Time Hymns & Gospel Favorites for Mountain Dulcimer
    A delightful and extensive collection of dearly loved and time honored hymns and gospel tunes creatively arranged to be enjoyed and successfully played at any skill level. Learn More
  7. Wind Drift for Hammered Dulcimer
    This manuscript is a collection of the tunes featured on Maggie Sansone's "Wind Drift" recording. The pieces, Celtic in style, were written for the 14/15 hammered dulcimer (the larger dulcimer with more chromatic notes) but can be played on the smaller 12/11 instrument as well Learn More
  8. Wedding Music for the Mountain Dulcimer
    This collection for mountain dulcimer players includes two dozen wedding pieces in DAD tuning derived from the folk traditions of the British Isles and America’s Appalachian community Learn More
  9. Hawaiian & Polynesian Music for Appalachian Dulciumer
    Put some aloha into your playing with Hawaiian & Polynesian Music for Appalachian Dulcimer Learn More

Items 1-9 of 10

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