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5-String Banjo


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  1. Banjo Music Pocketbook Book
    This useful booklet contains everything needed to get started on the 5-String Banjo: tuning, chords, how to read tablature, songs for strumming (with lyrics) and songs for melody playing Learn More
  2. Hal Leonard Banjo Method Book 1 Book/Audio
    The Hal Leonard Banjo Method Deluxe Beginner Edition is the updated and revised version of the original classic method, now including both audio and video Learn More
  3. An Early American Christmas Banjo Book/Audio
    This collection includes intermediate to advanced arrangements of 17 Early American carols for the 5-string banjo in 3-finger style in TAB only Learn More
  4. Clawhammer Style Banjo Book
    Clawhammer Style Banjo is a comprehensive and exhaustive guide for beginning and advanced banjo players, by Ken Perlman Learn More
  5. Pocketbook Deluxe Series Banjo Chords
    A handy pocket or case sized chord dictionary containing hundreds of chord forms ranging from major, minor, dominant forms, to the various extensions such as minor 7b5, minor/major 7, 7#5, etc. Learn More
  6. First Lessons Banjo Book/Audio/Video
    First Lessons on Banjo is an ultra-easy instruction manual for beginning five-string banjo played in the three finger style in G tuning Learn More
  7. Renaissance Elizabethan Music for Banjo Book/Audio
    Renaissance and Elizabethan Music for Banjo consists entirely of music from these early periods and provides banjo players with "growing material"—that is, the opportunity to play in a number of different keys besides G major Learn More
  8. Pocketbook Deluxe Series Banjo Tune Book
    A comprehensive 96-page, pocket/case sized perfect-bound Banjo tune book with over 50 tunes Learn More
  9. Earl Scruggs and The 5-String Banjo Book/Audio
    This is the revised banjo tab edition of the best-selling banjo method in the world by the undisputed grand master Earl Scruggs. The companion audio features Earl Scruggs playing over 60 examples Learn More

Items 1-9 of 22

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