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Snare Drum


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  1. Snare Drum Music Pocketbook Book
    This handy, pocket-sized instructional book contains a wealth of instruction, fundamentals, and techniques for playing snare drum Learn More
  2. Rolls & Accents Drummers Pocket Flipbook
    The Drummer's Pocket Flipbook Rolls and Accents is part of a remarkable series that, thanks to its ingenious 'flip' design, contains literally thousands of beats and exercises Learn More
  3. 20 Short Solos for Snare Drum
    Although ideal for teaching purposes, the twenty solos in this book are designed ultimately to be performed, enabling and encouraging the student to show off the snare drum as a solo instrument in its own right, rather than in its traditional accompanying role Learn More
  4. Drum Method For Band & Orchestra Book 2
    Building on the lessons from Book 1, Book 2 covers 26 rudiments and contains additional studies in various time signatures utilizing the 26 rudiments Learn More
  5. Drum Method For Band & Orchestra Book 1
    A complete and comprehensive Drum tutor designed to meet the needs of the young student aspiring to play in a school band or orchestra Learn More
  6. Sticking Patterns for All Drummers
    This book contains all the sticking patterns necessary for developing a formidable or even virtuoso technique Learn More
  7. Standard of Excellence Drums & Mallet Percussion Book 1
    The Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method Book 1 for Drums and Mellet Percussion Learn More
  8. Gaddiments Steve Gadd Drums Book/Video
    Steve Gadd presents a series of rudimental passages inspired by his experience in drum corps and his love of the rudiments, supported by online video played by Steve himself Learn More
  9. Principal Percussion Grades 6-8 ABRSM
    Principal Percussion is an exciting collection of nine contemporary works for more advanced percussion players. Learn More

Items 1-9 of 17

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