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Hand Drums


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  1. Learning the Tabla Volume 2 Book/Audio
    The Indian tabla is a difficult pair of hand drums, but by no means should it be considered inaccessible Learn More
  2. First Lessons Bongo Book/Audio
    This book and accompanying audio are a perfect introduction to the Bongo Drum Learn More
  3. Hand Drums for Beginners Book/CD
    Learn to play rhythms from all over the world on the djembe, conga, pandeiro, dumbek, frame drum, and riq Learn More
  4. Authentic Bongo Rhythms
    A complete study: Contains illustrations showing the current method of playing the bongo drums and all the latin rhythms Learn More
  5. Progressive Steps to Bongo & Conga
    This book is split into two sections, the first covering bongos and the second on the conga drum. Learn More
  6. The Irish Drum An Bodhran Book Only
    The Irish Drum presents Peter’s ideas and techniques in an accessible and informative manner. Using this book along with the optional recording, there is no doubt that, armed with Peter’s years of knowledge and experience, you could soon be playing the bodhrán with the best of them Learn More
  7. Body Beats Book/Video
    Immerse yourself in the world of Body Percussion with this fun and engaging resource from Beat Goes On founder Ollie Tunmer. Learn More
  8. Absolute Beginner's Bodhran Tutor Book/CD
    A simple, easy-to-use introduction to the bodhran. Learn to play this wonderful, ancient percussion instrument and liven up your traditional Irish sessions! This book aims to teach the beginner the basics of good bodhran playing with full participation in a traditional session as its principal goal Learn More
  9. Fun with Bongos Book/Audio
    Fun with the Bongos was written to provide a simple guide for someone without any musical experience who wants to learn to play the bongos Learn More

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