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Drumset Methods & Techniques


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  1. Teach Yourself to Play Drums Book/Audio/Video
    Learn to play the drums and open up a brand new world of musical knowledge with a newly revised edition of this exciting method from Alfred Music. This edition features an all-new video presented by educator/performer Johnny O'Reilly, that correlates directly with the book Learn More
  2. Drum Rudiments Chart
    An invaluable reference guide for drummers of all genres, this Snare Drum Rudiments Chart features the 40 international drum rudiments with a short description and the pattern in drum notation Learn More
  3. Drumset Concepts and Creativity Book/Video
    Acclaimed drummer & instructor Carter McLean brings you his invaluable Four Hands Drumming video series with accompanying book, featuring over 3 hours of high-quality drumset lessons. Learn More
  4. Progressive Steps to Bass Drum Technique
    Thirty-eight pages of rhythms and solo exercises in 4/4, progressively arranged to give speed, control, endurance and flexibility. Learn More
  5. Drum Solos & Fill-Ins for the Progressive Drummer
    Featuring exercises that can be played in practice and in actual performances, Drum Solos & Fill-ins for the Progressive Drummer contains 4-, 8-, and 16-bar solos plus fill-ins from several top drummers. Learn More
  6. Buddy Rich Rudiments Around the Kit Book/DVD
    In this Book/DVD, Ted takes on Buddy's rudiments from the original book and carefully applies them to the drum set. There is no favouring of the downbeat in any of the rudiments, allowing the student to gain controlled confidence while developing a natural vocabulary around the kit. Learn More
  7. Stanton Moore Take It To The Street Book/Audio
    Stanton Moore presents a study in New Orleans Street Beats and second-line rhythms that takes the glorious cosmopolitan sounds of the Louisiana style and applies them to funk and rock drumming. Learn More
  8. Joel Rothman's Basic Drumming
    Revised and Expanded edition of Joel Rothman's Basic Drumming - a complete guide for beginner to intermediate drummers Learn More
  9. Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer Book/2CDs
    The classic jazz independence book is now new and improved and with two CDs Learn More

Items 1-9 of 28

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