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  1. Mally's North West Morris Book
    Edited by Carolyn Wade, this book, containing 57 traditional tunes, presents a core repertoire, with chords, for North West morris musicians. It is also particularly suitable for novice musicians and also as a source of easy country dance tunes. Learn More
  2. Mally's Cotswold Morris Book Volume 2
    Edited by Dave Mallinson, this book contains a further 67 tunes, with chords, from the popular Cotswold morris traditions. The complex sequence of parts which contribute to the unique character to Cotswold morris are again clearly indicated. Learn More
  3. Mally's Cotswold Morris Book Volume 1
    Edited by Dave Mallinson, this book contains core repertoire of 52 Cotswold morris tunes, with chords, presented in keys favoured by today's players. The complex sequence of parts which contribute to the unique character to Cotswold morris are clearly indicated Learn More
  4. Instant Melodeon Book/CD
    Dave has condensed the tricks, techniques and ideas, slowly amassed throughout five decades of melodeon experience, into this book and CD, ensuring you reach your musical destination in the optimum time Learn More
  5. Beginners' Melodeon Tunes & Techniques Book
    This fine collection of traditional music introduces dance tunes from various regions of Britain, Ireland and North America Learn More
  6. John Kirkpatricks English Choice
    In this lively romp through seven centuries of English dance music, John Kirkpatrick shares the passion that has led him to become one of the foremost champions and interpreters of our native traditions. Learn More
  7. Band Time
    Band Time
    Some of the tunes in this book have easier arrangements printed on the opposite page, so that less experienced musicians can contribute to the band and play at normal band tempo. In workshops, I often suggest that everyone plays the easier version once or twice through, and then the more experienced musicians play the full version, while the less experienced continue with the easier version. Learn More
  8. Bal Folk
    Bal Folk
    This book will be of interest to anyone who enjoys playing French music, or playing for French dancing. The tunes are suitable for melodeon, fiddle and accordion and many will fit within the range of bagpipes and hurdy gurdy. It contains the usual mix of mazurkas, valses, scottisches, two and three time bourrees, and polkas that are encountered at a ‘Bal Folk’ in France. Learn More
  9. The D/G Melodeon Absolute Beginners
    Melodeon techniques for all. Although sub-titled Absolute Beginners this book, by Dave Mallinson, will take students to a very high standard. Beginning at absolute rock-bottom with how to play scales, it quickly moves on to basic fingering techniques. Learn More

9 Items

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