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Diatonic Harmonica


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  1. Learn to Play Harmonica 10 Easy Lessons Book/DVD/CD
    TEACH YOURSELF harmonica using the Easy Read Harmonica system. Learn techniques such as hand vibrato, train whistle and note bending. Covers Folk, Rock, Blues etc. You do not need to read music to use this book Learn More
  2. Blues Harp Classics Harmonica Music Pocketbook Book
    A handy, pocket-sized book of favorites blues solos for the harmonica. Selection include San Francisco Bay Blues; Beale Street Blues; Frankie & Johnny; Alabama Bound; Wanderin'; and Deep River Blues. Learn More
  3. Blues Harp Harmonica Music Pocketbook Book
    Take a jump into the great world of blues harmonica. This book covers note reading, embouchure, rhythm, and blues progressions. Packed with blues utilizing both major and natural minor diatonic harmonicas Learn More
  4. The Rockschool Harmonica Method Debut Book/Audio
    The Rockschool Harmonica Method Debut Book takes students from Rockschool’s Premiere to Debut grade levels Learn More
  5. The Rockschool Harmonica Method Premiere Book/Audio
    The Rockschool Harmonica Method Premiere Book takes students from the beginnings of learning to play the instrument, through to being able to perform songs for a Rockschool Premiere grade exam Learn More
  6. Pocketbook Deluxe Series Harmonica Tune Book
    A comprehensive 96-page, pocket/case sized perfect-bound collection of all time favorite harmonica tunes. Includes folk songs, sea shanties, gospel songs, spirituals, hymns, patriotic songs and more Learn More
  7. Instant Harmonica Book/CD
    This book and accompanying audio CD will teach the beginner, or novice, basic technique, popular tunes and blues playing, a little theory and some special effects used by professional players Learn More
  8. You Can Teach Yourself Harmonica Book/Audio/Video
    This book is a detailed guide to learning how to play the harmonica. The material focuses on folk and blues music, including an array of tunes in both styles. Learn More
  9. You Can Teach Yourself Blues Harp Book/Audio/Video
    You Can Teach Yourself Blues Harp is designed to allow the beginning student to gain maximum results in the shortest amount of time Learn More

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