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  1. Harmonica for Dummies 2nd Edition Book/Audio
    Master the harmonica fast with this fun, easy guide tutor book with the addition of online video tips Learn More
  2. 100 Authentic Blues Harmonica Licks Book/Audio
    From basic 12-bar blues backing riffs to mojo-packed solo licks, Steve Cohen shares 100 time-tested licks to help you get the most out of your 10-hole diatonic Harp. Learn More
  3. Christmas Classics for Harmonica
    25 holiday favorites for harmonica. Learn More
  4. Blues Harmonica for Beginners Book/CD
    The For Beginners series is dedicated to the beginning student that wants to dive right into the style of music they love. Every book is written in a step-by-step manner that allows the student to advance at their own pace. Tablature, photos, diagrams and drawings make new concepts or techniques easy to understand. Written by outstanding performers and educators in each field, this is the beginner's chance to study with the best. Learn More
  5. Music Pocketbook Harmonica
    This informative booklet contains all the basics needed to start playing harmonica. Learn More
  6. Easiest Blues Harp Book
    Mel Bay's Easiest Blues Harp Book is the ideal way to get started playing today's blues harmonica styles. First, you will learn the basic techniques needed to play blues harp, such as lip blocking, single tone, bending, the slide, tremolo, and vibrato. Then, you'll play riffs, blues harp solos, and blues rhythm chord studies--all on the C harmonica Learn More
  7. Instant Harmonica by Patrick Byrne
    Instant Harmonica is the book that makes learning harmonica fun and easy. In no time at all, students will be blowing a variety of tunes on their harp! The book includes a combination of tablature and EZ-Play notation and over thirty all-time great country and folk songs. Works with any ten-hole harmonica. Learn More
  8. Learn To Play Harmonica A Handy Beginners Guide
    Whether you are learning from scratch or just want a quick reference guide that you'll always have with you, make your practice perfect with a pocket-sized Playbook: Learn To Play Harmonica Learn More
  9. Beginners Harmonica
    A step by step course in playing Irish, English and Scottish traditional music on the harmonica. Learn More

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