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Guitar Methods & Techniques


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  1. 12-Bar Blues Book/Audio
    Covers: boogie, shuffle, swing, jazz-blues, chicago, minor, slow, be-bop, soloing, intros, turnarounds and accompanying keyboards. All music written in standard notation and guitar tab. Learn More
  2. The Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Method Book/Audio
    The Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Method introduces you to the most essential fingerstyle approaches for playing American roots music: Travis picking and steady-bass style Learn More
  3. Shred Is Not Dead Book/DVD
    Topics include speed picking; sweep picking; combining scales and arpeggios; soloing with altered pentatonics; the harmonic minor scale; the lydian B7 and Phrygian Dominant modes; mixing techniques and tonalities; playing in odd time and more. Guitar tab book and DVD package Learn More
  4. Guitar Fretboard Workbook 2nd Edition
    Navigate the guitar neck better than ever before with this easy-to-use book! Barrett Tagliarino’s complete system for understanding the fretboard. Learn More
  5. Chicago Blues Rhythm Guitar Book/DVD
    In this exclusive and comprehensive book/DVD package, Bob Margolin and blues author/historian Dave Rubin bring you the definitive instructional Guitar method on the subject, featuring loads of rhythm Guitar playing examples to learn and practice Learn More
  6. Brave New Blues Guitar Book/Video
    Brave New Blues Guitar breaks down the styles, techniques, and licks of guitarists including Albert Collins, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many more. Learn More
  7. Guitar All-In-One for Dummies 2nd Edition Book/Audio
    Covering both acoustic and electric Guitar, this hands-on resource gives you all the instruction you need to play across multiple genres, whether you're a beginner or an experienced guitarist Learn More
  8. 100 Great Guitarists Book/Audio
    Music historian Dave Rubin surveys the gear, tones, licks and lives of 100 top guitarists in this exclusive book/audio pack Learn More
  9. Metal Lead Guitar Volume 1 Troy Stetina Book/Audio
    Troy Stetina's intense metal method teaches you the elements of lead guitar technique with an easy to understand approach. Learn More

Items 1-9 of 125

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