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Bass Guitar


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  1. Electric Bass Music Pocketbook Book
    Handy, pocket-sized instructional book which contains a wealth of information on chords, fingering, notes, and solos for the Electric Bass Guitar Learn More
  2. Hal Leonard Bass Method 1 Book/Audio Video
    This Deluxe Beginner Edition also includes access to online audio demonstrations and video lessons so players will have all the tools they need to start learning how to play Learn More
  3. Bass for Guitarists
    This is the ultimate transition book, designed to make a fast and easy switch from guitar to bass Learn More
  4. Learn to Play Bass with Metallica Volume 2 Book/CD
    32 more tracks with instruction to help intermediate through advanced players master the bass by using Metallica bass lines Learn More
  5. 100 Ultimate Smooth Jazz Riffs for Bass Guitar Book/Audio
    100 Ultimate Smooth Jazz Riffs for Bass Guitar by Andrew D Gordon Learn More
  6. Pocketbook Deluxe Series Bass Chords
    An exhaustive list of Bass chords comiled by William Bay. Arranged alphabetically, all chords are presented as fret diagrams Learn More
  7. 101 Bass Clef Solos Trombone Bassoon Cello Music Book
    A selection of popular songs and light classics specially arranged for trombone, bassoon, cello and all bass clef instruments Learn More
  8. Getting Into Slap Bass Book/CD
    Everything is covered here – starting with all the basics like octaves, hammer-ons and pull-offs. It then builds into the most advanced slap techniques including double and triple pops, flamenco thumb technique, and plucks Learn More
  9. Standard of Excellence Electric Bass Book 2
    The Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method Book 2 for Electric Bass Learn More

Items 1-9 of 33

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