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Bass Guitar


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  1. Rush The Spirit of the Radio for Bass Guitar
    Learn to play 17 Rush classics by studying the note-for-note bass transcriptions of every note Geddy Lee played on 17 Rush classics. The transcriptions are presented in notes and tab and also include lyrics. Learn More
  2. Muse Simulaton Theory Guitar Tab Edition
    This artist approved songbook contains all songs from the album, arranged for guitar (tab) and voice. Learn More
  3. Classical & Contemporary Studies for Bass Guitar Book/Audio
    These 33 studies will help build not just your technique, but reading abilities and overall musicianship. Learn More
  4. Learn to Play Bass with Metallica Book/Audio
    Starting now you can learn everything you need to know to play bass by exploring the music of Metallica. An innovative tutorial method that teaches you to play by looking at Jason Newsted's and Cliff Burton's technique and learning the band's songs Learn More
  5. Metal Bass Lines Book/Audio
    Learn the techniques to perform metal bass lines. In this book, you will learn to construct and perform bass lines emblematic of metal. Learn More
  6. The Best Of Nirvana Bass Signature Licks Book/CD
    A step-by-step breakdown of the bass styles and techniques of Krist Novoselic, including looking at About A Girl, All Apologies, Blew, Come As You Are, In Bloom, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Stay Away, and many others Learn More
  7. Metallica 1983-1988 Bass Play-Along Book/Audio
    8 songs to play bass with: Battery • Creeping Death • Fade to Black • For Whom the Bell Tolls • Master of Puppets • One • Seek & Destroy • Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Learn More
  8. 50 Walking Basslines Book/MP3-CD
    The 50 Walking Basslines comprised in this coursebook are aimed at bassists, at double bassists and first and foremost at the jazz enthusiasts among them. They will most certainly experience a whole heap of pleasure with the playing materials provided here. Learn More
  9. JS Bach For Electric Bass
    J.S. Bach For Electric Bass contains three famous duets and five solo pieces, arranged for Bass Guitar by Bob Gallway Ph.D. This is an innovative collection of J.S. Bach pieces for electric bass, complete with historical analysis, instruction and playing suggestions Learn More

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