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  1. Fingerpicking Christmas Solo Guitar
    Fifteen Christmas songs specially arranged for intermediate-level guitarists. Each solo combines melody and harmony in one superb arrangement, and includes an easy introduction to basic fingerstyle guitar. Learn More
  2. 12-Bar Blues Book/Audio
    Covers: boogie, shuffle, swing, jazz-blues, chicago, minor, slow, be-bop, soloing, intros, turnarounds and accompanying keyboards. All music written in standard notation and guitar tab. Learn More
  3. The Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Method Book/Audio
    The Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Method introduces you to the most essential fingerstyle approaches for playing American roots music: Travis picking and steady-bass style Learn More
  4. Beatles Greatest Hits E Z Play Guitar
    19 songs in EZ-Play notation to be played solo or as a duet Learn More
  5. The Beatles Classic Hits E-Z Play Guitar
    18 great songs from the Fab Four in easy-to-read notes with tablature. Learn More
  6. Rush The Spirit of the Radio for Bass Guitar
    Learn to play 17 Rush classics by studying the note-for-note bass transcriptions of every note Geddy Lee played on 17 Rush classics. The transcriptions are presented in notes and tab and also include lyrics. Learn More
  7. Christmas Songs for Really Easy Guitar
    Easy-to-follow charts to get you playing right away are presented in this collection for all guitarists. Learn More
  8. Chart Hits of 2019-2020 Easy Guitar
    20 massive hits from 2019-2020, specially arranged for easy guitar with melody line, guitar chord boxes and full lyrics. Learn More
  9. Shred Is Not Dead Book/DVD
    Topics include speed picking; sweep picking; combining scales and arpeggios; soloing with altered pentatonics; the harmonic minor scale; the lydian B7 and Phrygian Dominant modes; mixing techniques and tonalities; playing in odd time and more. Guitar tab book and DVD package Learn More

Items 1-9 of 563

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