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Wind Ensemble


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  1. Begin the Band 3
    Includes songs by: Bob Marley, Joe Cocker & J Warnes, Otis Redding, and Mocedades arranged for intermediate flexible wind ensemble Learn More
  2. Begin the Band 1
    Great-sounding arrangements and original compositions in pop and jazz styles, with added scope to improvise for the wind ensemble Learn More
  3. Chorales for Festive Occasions Variable Wind Quartet
    This fabulous edition contains six popular chorales adapted for a variable four-part setting Learn More
  4. Standard of Excellence Conductor Score Book 2
    The Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method Book 2 Conductor Score Learn More
  5. Standard of Excellence 1 CDs
    The Standard of Excellence Accompaniment Recordings were created to go along with the Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method Book 1 by Bruce Pearson Learn More
  6. Swinging 60s Flexible 4 Part Ensemble
    This collection of four sixties classics is suitable for almost any combination of brass and/or woodwind instruments Learn More
  7. Jazz / Rock Horn Section
    This unique series features transcriptions of all the horn parts included on the original recordings with a separate staff for each instrument. Learn More
  8. Midsomer Sketches for Brass Quintet
    Midsomer Sketches by Jim Parker arranged for Brass Quintet Learn More
  9. Game of Thrones Variable Wind Ensemble
    Game of Thrones Theme arranged by Filip Ceunen for Variable Wind Ensemble, including optional percussion Learn More

Items 1-9 of 10

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