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Eb Tuba Bass Clef


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  1. Lets Face The Music Tuba/Eb Bass BC Book
    These arrangements incorporate various dance styles - from traditional ballroom dance - Foxtrot, Waltz, Quickstep, through to Latin-American, Cha-Cha and the more contemporary, ubiquitous 'Smooch'. 'Strictly Come Dancing' for Brass! Learn More
  2. Bombardment for Tuba/Eb Bass & Piano Bass Clef
    What Handel, Bach, and Besozzi might have given us if they had even heard of the Tuba, bass clef edition Learn More
  3. Win! Win! for Tuba BC
    A bumper collection of pieces carefully selected and arranged for tuba/Eb bass (bass clef) players of all ages to delve into and enjoy Learn More
  4. Polished Brass Studies for Tuba BC
    Twenty Four graded studies for tuba (bass clef). These studies provide an attractive practice repertoire and are well graded in order of difficulty. Learn More
  5. All Jazzed Up Eb Tuba Book Only
    A collection of extremely varied and well known songs - from the 1940's to 1980's - covering jazz and light popular styles. Learn More
  6. Boogie For Tuba Eb Bass Book/CD
    This book provides the opportunity for the tuba to be heard as a cool instrument while enriching the tuba player's musical environment with melody, rhythmic interest and relatable styles. Learn More
  7. Standard of Excellence Eb Tuba Book 2
    The Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method Book 2 for Eb Tuba Learn More
  8. Per Tuba Ad Astra Studies for Tuba Bass Clef Book Only
    A treasure-trove and tantalising tapestry of top taxing thaumaturgical Tuba tests that transcend and tenderly tease the thigmotropic and tactile tendencies without taking the toll of tongue, technique, tuning and torso: touching tonal tessituras that transport, thrill and titillate the tubist and teacher triumphantly. Learn More
  9. Musical Souvenirs For Tuba Eb Bass Book/CD
    Ten fantastic pieces in varying styles with play-along instrumentation to match Learn More

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