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Baritone Saxophone


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  1. The Real Bebop Book for Eb Instruments
    Your new official bebop bible! Over 200 classics arranged for E Flat instruments in Real Book style Learn More
  2. Modal Workout 01 for Saxophone Book/CD
    These multi functional pieces serve the needs of Sax players who wish to come to terms with jazz and improvised musical language. Play the studies by themselves to discover some idiomatic phrasing, play them with the CD support to explore the 'groove' and 'feel' of the 'ensemble' or just improvise using the scale/mode from which the pieces are derived and explore some of the concepts in the 'tasty licks' or gain some inspiration from the sample 'impros' on the CD. Learn More
  3. The AB Real Book Eb Edition
    The AB Real Book E Flat edition is a unique jazz resource. It contains lead sheets for a hundred tunes, together with specially commissioned arrangements, including those for ABRSM Jazz Grade 4 or 5 examinations Learn More
  4. Saxophone Fingering Chart
    Beautifully designed on a gatefold, laminated card, including information about instrument care, notation and a photo/diagram. Learn More
  5. Saxmania! Great Sax Solos
    This series of superb books offers an incredible wealth of great tunes in a wide range of styles, arranged for Eb and Bb saxophones.  Includes chord symbols for both instruments. Learn More
  6. Game of Thrones Theme for Saxophone Quartet
    Game of Thrones Theme arranged by Emma Philips for Saxophone Quartet Learn More
  7. Time Pieces for E flat Saxophone Volume 2
    The second volume of pieces from across time for E flat Saxophone. Here are thirteen pieces selected and arranged by Ian Denley that cover the Baroque to the present day for saxophonists of grades 4-6 standard. Chosen for the ABRSM Alto and Baritone Saxophone examinations grades 4 and 5. Learn More
  8. Time Pieces for E flat Saxophone Volume 1
    The first of a two-volume anthology providing a graded selection of well-crafted and idiomatic arrangements for Saxophone and Piano. All the works, ranging from the Renaissance to the present day, have been selected and arranged by Ian Denley. Pieces from this edition have been selected for the ABRSM Alto and Baritone Saxophone Examinations Grades 1-3. Learn More

8 Items

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