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Alto Sax Methods & Techniques


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  1. How to Create and Develop a Jazz Sax Solo
    The purpose of this book is to help the student answer the question, 'What do I play?' It discusses elements of jazz, seventh chords, blues, riffs, vertical and horizontal improvisation, playing through the changes, rhythm patterns, the scalar approach, substitution and much more! Learn More
  2. Progressive Saxophone Book/CD
    A comprehensive method covering all aspects of saxophone playing including special sections on embouchure and breathing technique Learn More
  3. Progressive Rock Saxophone Method Book/CD
    Progressive Rock Saxophone Method for Alto Sax contains all you need to know to start learning to be a great rock saxophone player - in one easy-to-follow, lesson-by-lesson rock saxophone tutorial Learn More
  4. Creative Saxophone Book/CD
    Creative Saxophone is an innovative series for the beginner alto or tenor saxophonist who wants to play jazz, rock and other contemporary music styles whilst developing a solid technique Learn More
  5. The Saxophone Method 2 Book/Audio
    Book 2 is aimed not only at those students who have completed the first book, but at anyone who has aquired a basic level of skill on the Alto Saxophone and wants to develop their playing to an intermediate level Learn More
  6. Standard of Excellence Eb Alto Saxophone Book 1
    The Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method Book 1 for Eb Alto Saxophone Learn More
  7. Modal Workout 02 Sax Playalong Book/CD
    These multi functional pieces serve the needs of Sax players who wish to come to terms with jazz and improvised musical language Learn More
  8. Super Sax Pupil Book 1 Book/CD
    A course for alto saxophone, to guide the young beginner from the very first lesson to around Grade 1 standard. Learn More
  9. Improve Your Sight-Reading Saxophone Grades 1-5 Revised
    Improve your sight-reading! Saxophone Grades 1-5 is designed to help overcome all the stumbling blocks to successful sight reading Learn More

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