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  1. Bartok 3 Folksongs from Csik Oboe Book
    From 1906 on Béla Bartók was collecting folksongs on a regular basis. Learn More
  2. Thirty Miniature Fun Duets for Two Oboes
    This book presents a progressive series of duets aimed at developing the skills necessary for fluent and accurate sight-reading Learn More
  3. Early Music Renaissance Baroque Treasures for Oboe Book/CD
    Welcome to the exciting and refreshing world of early music! With these books intermediate-level players can build up their first repertoire of Renaissance and Baroque pieces Learn More
  4. Just for Fun Oboe Book/CD
    Just for Fun is a series of books and CDs containing short, original pieces for solo instrument with piano accompaniment and band/orchestral backing tracks Learn More
  5. Two Birthday Fragments Solo Oboe Sheet Music
    Two Birthday Fragments was composed for the 60th birthday of oboist Nicholas Daniel Learn More
  6. A Happy Birthday Solo Oboe Sheet Music
    A very short take on the popular tune for Nicholas Daniel's sixtieth birthday Learn More
  7. 18 Exercises for Oboe Book
    18 Exercises for Oboe by Franz Wilhelm Ferling, suitable for intermediate and advanced players Learn More
  8. 100 Easy Classical Studies Oboe Book
    This collection of classical studies for the oboe constitutes a representative survey of the pedagogic and etude literature for the instrument from three centuries Learn More
  9. Disney Move Hits Oboe Playalong Book/Audio
    Some of your all-time favourite Disney Movie Hits have been arranged for Violin, as solo arrangements with accompaniments. Learn More

Items 1-9 of 49

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