Three new bookmarks are available to buy now: Drum Rudiments, Guitar Scales, and Ukulele Chords. We first produced these bookmarks as promotional items with certain purchases resulting in many customers contacting us wanting to buy more for themselves, friends, and teachers. A pack of ten bookmarks allows you to keep one in each book you are using, or if you are a teacher then they are an invaluable aid to hand out to your students.

The Drum Rudiments bookmark features thirteen rudiments on one side and another thirteen rudiments on the other side, including Rolls, Paradiddles, Flams, and Ratamacues

The Guitar Scales bookmark features six moveable scales or modes on one side and another six moveable scales or modes on the other side, including Blues Scale, Minor Pentatonic, Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, popular modes of the Major Scale, and the Diminished Scale.

And finally the Ukulele Chords bookmark features fifteen chords on one side and fifteen chords on the other side, with popular major, minor, and dominant 7th chords shown.

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